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Gourmet Juniors was made for busy parents and carers like you, who value good food, excellent nutrition and want the best for your little one.

Let me tell you the Gourmet Juniors story…

Good food has always been a big part of my life, there’s little I love more than cooking a wonderful meal for my family and friends and I have seen first hand the benefits of a diet rich in wholesome, natural and nourishing foods. So when I became a busy working mum I yearned for a convenient take-home meal that wasn’t laden with salt, sugar, chemicals, heat treated or too complex for a young child’s palette: A meal that I could be confident to feed my children.

I couldn’t find one, so I put my cooking skills and passion for nutrition to the test and developed Gourmet Juniors: Real Food for Kids.

I developed and perfected recipes that kids love for the taste and that parents love for their nutritional value and convenience. Each dish is loaded with real vegetables and includes protein and carbohydrates to create a perfectly balanced, home style meal, full of natural goodness.

My hope is that Gourmet Juniors makes the food journey with your little one stress-free, rewarding and is the start of many wonderful shared moments over beautiful nourishing meals of real food.



Alecia xx