Gourmet Juniors is Real Food For Kids

All natural. Organic and free range. We make nourishing your child simple.

Gourmet Juniors is handmade with love

We use the best ingredients sourced from small and local businesses

Gourmet Juniors is Dietician Approved

It is food that you can be proud to feed your family

Gourmet Juniors is: Honest

Our team of parents, dieticians and chefs expertly create every meal to pack in the most nutrients and flavour into every spoonful. We spend a lot of time sourcing the best local and organic ingredients so you can rest assured Gourmet Juniors is the best you can buy for your little one. Our packaging is also BPA free and fully recyclable.

Gourmet Juniors is: Easy

Parenting is hard enough. So we make nourishing your little one easy. Gourmet Juniors is available from Melbourne’s best local grocers or home delivered. Simply heat and eat, we even make cleaning up easy.

Gourmet Juniors is: Flexible

Our meals are as flexible as you need to be. We want you and your little ones to enjoy our meals for as long as possible so we keep our pieces chunky so you can puree, mash or serve as is, according to your child’s developmental stage.

How Gourmet Juniors Helps You

We love supporting small, local businesses. So you’ll find our meals in the freezers of Melbourne’s best grocers or you can have them home delivered.

Our meals are conveniently frozen to make meal time easy, convenient and guilt free. Just defrost, heat and serve.

Our meals are flexible for the entire family, puree, mash or eat as is.

The Gourmet Juniors Story

Gourmet Juniors was founded by a mum who is passionate about helping you nourish your child. 


We always make sure we have Gourmet Juniors Chicken Nuggets in our freezer. They tick all the boxes – quick and easy, the kids love them and they’re healthy and nutritious. It’s pretty rare to find a healthy chicken nugget. Gourmet Juniors has the answer! We throw them in the oven and then add a bit of salad and dinner is ready. A staple for us once or twice a week and a relief that everyone is happy on the nights we have Gourmet Juniors on the table!!


Gourmet Juniors is a go-to for our family.  Wholesome, convenient and delicious, and most importantly, my girls actually eat it.  We always have a stash of Gourmet Juniors on hand for those moments when hungry little tummies just can't wait another minute!

My freezer is always filled with GJ meals for all those times I run out of time and need a guilt-free dinner for the kids. It’s always so nice to know they are filling their bellies with the best!

We've been enjoying Gourmet Juniors since it first started. We now have three little babies and we are eagerly waiting our newborn's food tasting phase to introduce. As a mother I want to know my children are only eating 'real' food that hasn't been ruined by preservatives and other nasties. Gourmet Juniors is just this and more, it's delicious and carefully sourced ingredients ensure all the little tummies are left feeling satisfied and nourished.